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Why Are Teachers Moved?

Why Are Teachers Moved?

Wondering why sometimes a teacher gets moved from one school to another after the first few weeks of school? Though we try to minimize teacher reassignments, it typically happens in one or more schools each year.

Every year, district staff must estimate how many students each school will have in the fall. The number of students who actually enroll in each school is not always exactly the same as estimated. If a school has too few students and another school has too many, a teacher may be moved to the school that needs a teacher. If the teacher is not moved, the district has to hire a teacher that it did not budget for and the state does not fund. In tight budget years, this requires us to make cuts in other areas that support students and schools. 

It’s important to remember that the teacher being moved is not losing their job. They are reassigned to a different school and their original students are reassigned to other teachers. We know these moves are disruptive to the teacher and their students. We do our best to minimize reassignments, and when they must happen, we work hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.